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Psychologists, social workers and practitioners of many psychological specialties are in higher demand every year. Understanding the personal issues that affect each of us is critical to our understanding of society as a whole. People with a background in the social sciences, especially psychology, add to the quality of our lives both individually and as a society. No matter what aspect fascinates you, you can find a specialty to explore and a skill set to build on. PsychologyschoolsU is your all-in-one online psychology school resource for researching the best psychology careers, schools, programs and psychology courses available to get you where you want to go. We offer information to help you find the right program for your lifestyle and level of education. We help you discover and take the steps necessary to start a career in the field of psychology and any one of its various career paths. Browse through the many psychology degrees available then search our extensive listing of psychology schools. At PsychologyschoolsU, results are just a click away!


Psychology Schools - Argosy University 1. Argosy UniversityPsychology Schools - Argosy University

For more than 30 years, Argosy University students have benefited from the unique value of our psychology degree programs. From learning to treat one person at a time, to helping individuals and families better manage everyday issues, or working within a large organization, Argosy University provides an education that can lead to a career of caring in an environment of success.

Psychology Schools - Everest College of Business 2. Everest College of Business

Psychology Schools - Everest College of BusinessEverest psychology instructors are skilled educators with strong academic backgrounds. All of our psychology instructors also have years of professional work experience in their career field. This unique combination of expertise provides our students with a rich learning experience.

Psychology Schools - South University 3. South University

Psychology Schools - South UniversitySince 1899, South University has delivered quality education and personalized attention to students at our campus locations. Our undergraduate programs build on this heritage of academic excellence and individual attention in a format that fits your busy lifestyle.

Psychology Schools - Brown Mackie College4. Brown Mackie College

Psychology Schools - Brown Mackie CollegeWhat are your goals? What are your interests? No matter what you want to achieve, we have a program that will help you reach your goals and enrich your life. Explore our education programs designed to help you develop the skills, knowledge, and professionalism to launch a new career or advance in your current profession.

Psychology Schools - Hesser College 5. Hesser College

Psychology Schools - Hesser CollegeWhen you pursue a degree in psychology at Hesser College, you will study human behavior and the mental processes that drive that behavior. Through the coursework, you will have the opportunity to learn how to assess and evaluate theories and practices related to the social, emotional, cognitive, and biological bases of how the human psyche works. Electives give you the opportunity to investigate a wide variety of interests in the field including:

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