Reasons For Choosing A Top Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are probably the most common purchase for parents these days when it comes to looking after their little ones. But with the market being so saturated with lots and lots of different manufacturers and models, how do you dig out the genuine from garbage? We have spent a number of years tracking and testing this market, combined with other baby monitor best buy guides, have come up with what we believe to be the main points to consider when purchasing one.


The first thing to consider with a child monitor is whether or not you require a digital or audio one. Audio monitors simply as the name suggests, do not have a screen to watch your child from the other room, but instead, is used only to listen into their night-time activities. The digital versions also have your standard audio capabilities, but also have the extra function of being able to see your little one from another room. Both types of baby monitors have their advantages and disadvantages. The obvious main difference is the price range of both types. Although the digital offers the extra capability of video coverage of your child, you have to decide whether that extra cost is something that’s worth it for your needs.


Another BIG thing we absolute believe you should check out, is the range of the product. Sometimes the price of these devices does not reflect how good of a signal range you receive. Always read the manufacturers full description to find out roughly (we say this because it’s hard for the number to be 100% accurate) how far their signal range is. Signals can also be worsened by interference from other general things in your household that transmit signals. The layout of your house, with how many rooms the signal has to go through is another factor to consider.


Although this doesn’t really apply to your standard audio ones, digital versions do come with screens. You need to ensure that the screen that it comes with is large enough to capture your child, otherwise what’s the point in buying it? The quality of screens varies from manufacturer-to-manufacturer, and some really are worth staying away from because of their video quality. For the most part however, most models you find on the market are more than adequate for your little one in this department.


The big one for most people. Although the market has been booming for a number of years, with prices dropping dramatically, there are models out there that do not merit their price tag at all. Most of the time is comes down to need vs want, only selecting one that meets your specific needs. There are lots of extra features that the newer models offer these days, but for the most part you will have to fork out extra cash for them. That’s not to say that some of the best baby monitors on the market are the most expensive, that’s not the case. We found that some of the best we tested were some of the least expensive, of course this also comes down to value for money. Some of the higher end models on the market had features that we determined to be a bit of a gimmick, falsely increasing its price tag.

The Final Say

There you have it parents far and wide, our take on what to consider when purchasing a baby monitor. All these points are obviously subjective and our point of view, you should always read more about any device you’re considering online, or even contact the manufacturer for more information. Because of the nature of this market it is ever changing. We will do what we can to keep you informed with the changing market landscape, after all, it’s all about ensuring your precious one is safe!