International Positive Psychology Association

January 19, 2023
Luis Marrero

1-Year Member: $90 (Join)

IPPA Affiliates are members of the general public interested in learning more about the science and practice of positive psychology.

1-Year Affiliate: $50 (Join)

IPPA Associates are consultants, educators, business owners, coaches, and other professionals who bring positive psychology research into their practice.

2-Year Associate: $160 (Join)1-Year Associate: $90 (Join)

Students enrolled in good standing in an accredited academic program studying positive psychology or a related discipline.

1-Year Student: $30 (Join)

Anniversary Memberships

All IPPA memberships run for one or two calendar years, depending on the membership type. First-time IPPA memberships will begin on the date of purchase. All membership renewals will extend for one or two calendar years from the anniversary date of your first membership purchase.

Developing Country Discount

Residents of developing countries are eligible for a 50% discount on any IPPA membership category. To qualify, individuals must have a primary address in a country recognized as developing by The World Bank. The countries identified as developing by region on that World Bank page are eligible for the discount. To receive the discount, please select the membership of your choice and enter the discount code DC-DEV COUNTRY (case-sensitive) when prompted during the checkout process.

IPPA membership connects you to a global network of experts and programs, including:

Micro-communities of individuals passionate about particular topics or professions. Division membership is open exclusively to IPPA Members, Associates, and Students. Current divisions include: Work & Organizations, and SIPPA (Students), with Health and Clinical / Therapy coming soon.InformationMembers enjoy unlimited online access to more than 40 hours of video, 30 webinars and 80 slide decks covering ground-breaking research and applications of positive psychology collected through three World Congress events and past Leader Series webinars.Information

Every other year, IPPA hosts a World Congress on Positive Psychology that convenes leading researchers and practitioners from across the world. IPPA Members and Associates who are active at the time of the World Congress will be eligible for discounted registration: 1-Year Members and Associates save $50 on the price of World Congress registration, 2-Year Members and Associates save $100, and Students receive even steeper discounts. Additionally, current IPPA Members, Associates, Affiliates, and Students can subscribe to the print edition of the Journal of Positive Psychology for a discounted rate.

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