Clinical Health Psychology

January 16, 2023
Ph.D. in Clinical Health

Specialty certification in Clinical Health Psychology by the American Board of Clinical Health Psychology (ABCHP), a member specialty board of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP), is a process which verifies the education, training, and experience requisite to the specialty. Having met these requirements, the candidate must pass an examination administered by the ABCHP designed to allow the psychologist to demonstrate the defining competencies required to practice the specialty.

Clinical health psychologists apply scientific knowledge of the inter-relationships among behavioral, emotional, cognitive, social, and biological components in health and disease to the promotion and maintenance of health; the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of illness and disability; and the improvement of the health care system. Clinical health psychologists may be found in academic medical centers, hospitals, private practice, outpatient clinics, academia, government settings, or administration, among others. The common theme regardless of setting is involvement in the research, practice, or teaching of clinical health psychology.

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[Download] Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology
[Download] Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology ...
PDF Clinical Health Psychology and Primary Care: Practical
PDF Clinical Health Psychology and Primary Care: Practical ...
Clinical and health psychology
Clinical and health psychology