Accelerated Psychology degree

March 11, 2024
Accelerated Courses for

An online accelerated psychology degree program can help your earn a degree or start a career sooner than a traditional degree program would. Read on to learn how online accelerated psychology degree programs work. Schools offering .

Overview of Online Accelerated Psychology Degrees

Accelerated psychology degree programs typically follow a non-traditional semester schedule. Programs may allow students to take individual courses that are offered in shorter time frames, such as 8 weeks, so graduation may be achieved in one or two years of study. While there are several online psychology programs offered by accredited public or private not-for-profit colleges, very few of these programs are both online and accelerated.

Important Facts About This Field of Study

Degrees Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.) or Master of Arts in Psychology (M.A.)
Prerequisites High School diploma (for B.A.); bachelor's degree (for M.A.)
Concentrations Applied Behavior Analysis, International Psychology and others
Possible Careers Psychiatric Technician, Case Manager (for B.A.); Psychological Assistant (for M.A.)

Undergraduate Courses Offered

Some accelerated programs are offered at the undergraduate level and are designed to be completed in less than 4 years. These programs are designed to prepare students for further graduate education or entry-level careers where they can utilize psychology concepts and skills. Courses offered in online accelerated programs cover topics like the history of psychology, abnormal psychology and counseling theory.

Graduate Courses Offered

Programs that offer this option are typically aimed at students intending to pursue a master's degree in psychology in less than the traditional 2 years. Graduate courses explore topics in greater depth, often with an emphasis in high-level theory and research. Examples of online graduate courses might cover topics such as theories and treatment of behavioral disorders, human development, cognitive processes, psychosocial roles or the psychological aspects of cultural perception.

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