Business Psychology major

March 4, 2023
As a business psychology major

One of the first questions from people considering psychology as a college major is: “What can I do with a degree in psychology?” The answer to this question is, “Anything”! An undergraduate education at PAU is aimed at developing students’ intellectual capacity in order to thrive in a wide variety of professions.


By studying business, students will gain the administrative and managerial skills that can be applied in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. By studying psychology, students gain the intellectual and personal skills necessary to understand human behavior and the human mind. By combining the 2 most popular majors in the US, students will get an education in both the technical and human aspects of the working world.


The skills that students will gain in the Business Psychology program will help them compete in the ever-changing job market:

  • Develop flexibility, critical thinking, and problem solving for today’s rapidly changing world
  • Learn to work in an intimate team environment, like those found in today’s organizations
  • Incorporate real world experience and case studies from instructors who have many years of experience in their professions


Many modern jobs and careers are disappearing. Technology, coupled with social progress, has put an end to some prominent career options in the last few decades. A degree in Business Psychology prepares students to handle this rapidly changing world and to help others navigate it. By obtaining a degree in Business Psychology, graduates are prepared to meet the demand of organizations for knowledgeable, trainable, and highly skilled employees.

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