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July 27, 2023
Present: Careers for

Welcome to the Careers in Psychology page. My primary motive in developing this site is to help undergraduate students learn what they can do with a degree in psychology. (Graduate students may find information of interest in the section, "Selected Web Sites Containing Career and Graduate School Information of Interest to Psychology Majors.") The resources on this page focus on: (1) careers in psychology at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level and (2) academic information about psychology at the bachelor’s and graduate levels. Much of this material was developed for use in Careers in Psychology, a one-credit, required course for psychology majors at Georgia Southern University (see an old course syllabus).

I retired from the Georgia Southern University Psychology Department in 2004, so the GSU-only portion of this web site has been retired also. However, you can check out the current faculty, curriculum, honors, and related information about the psychology program at Georgia Southern here at the Georgia Southern University Psychology Department web site.

The information on this page is divided into eight sections. I have organized the sections in what is, to me, a logical sequence of development, so you may find it useful to review the sections in the order in which they are listed. On the other hand, you may just want to scan the section headings below and jump to those of greatest interest to you.

I hope that the information on this web site will open your eyes to a number of career options and educational pathways that you may not have known about or thought to consider. As you gather additional information about the various options, your career and educational goals will become more clear to you. Once you're clear about the kind of work you want to do, it's a relatively easy task to identify the courses, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work that will help you develop the necessary abilities and skills that will prepare you for success.

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Janice H. Kennedy in the development of a number of the resources listed here and Dr. Russell A. Dewey for coding and editing these documents as they are converted for use on Psych Web.

This section will help you focus on your goals for college and career.

This section offers suggestions for assessing your academic abilities, interests, skills, and values to help you clarify your career and academic goals.

This section will help you learn about some of the entry-level jobs available to psychology majors.

This section describes a number of psychology and psychology-related career options that require graduate degrees. For your information, the subsections include the following topics (please note that the topics listed below are not links; to get to the links you must go to the above sub-page):

  • Psychology
  • Teaching and Research
  • Applied Work

  • -Clinical Psychology
    -Counseling Psychology
    -Forensic Psychology
    -Health Psychology
    -Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    -Sports Psychology
  • Education
  • Agency/Community Counseling
  • Educational Psychology
  • School Counseling
  • School Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
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