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January 16, 2023
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These articles and chapters all explore how small group interaction influences attitudes and behavior. David Myers dedicated the first decade of his career to exploring, with his Hope College students, a phenomenon called group polarization—the tendency for group interaction to amplify preexisting tendencies. A synopsis of group polarization research can be found in the group influence chapter of his Social Psychology (McGraw-Hill).

Group polarization and the risky shift. (PDF) Stoner, J. A. F., & Myers, D. G. (2013). In E. H. Kessler (Ed.), Encyclopedia of management theory. Los Angeles: Sage, pp. 323-326.

A levels-of-explanation response to integration. (PDF) Myers, D. G. (2010). In E. L. Johnson (Ed.), Psychology and Christianity: Five Views, 2nd edition. Downer's Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

Polarizing effects of social interaction. (PDF) Myers, D. G. (1982). In H. Brandstätter, J. H. Davis, & G. Stocker-Kreichgauer (Eds.), Group Decision Making. London: Academic Press, pp. 125-161.

Does learning others' opinion change one's opinion? Myers, D. G., Bruggink, J. B., Kersting, R. C., & Schlosser, B. A. (1980). Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 6, 253-260.

How groups intensify decisions. (PDF) Myers, D. G. (1979, March). Human Nature, pp. 34-39. (Reprinted in Annual Editions: Psychology 80/81, 81/82 and in Readings in Social Psychology.)

Group induced polarization of attitudes and behavior. Lamm, H., & Myers, D. G. (1978). In L. Berkowitz (Ed.), Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 11. New York: Academic Press, pp. 145-195.

Polarizing effects of social comparison. (PDF) Myers, D. G. (1978). Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 14, 554-563.

Attitude comparison: Is there ever a bandwagon effect? Myers, D. G., Wojcicki, S. B., & Aardema, B. S. (1977). Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 7, 341-347.

The group polarization phenomenon. Myers, D. G., & Lamm, H. (1976). Psychological Bulletin, 83, 602-627.

On predicting group-induced shift toward risk or caution: A second look at some experiments. Lamm, H., Myers, D. G., & Ochsmann, R. (1976). Psychologische Beitrage, 18, 288-296.

Machiavellianism, discussion time, and group shift. (PDF) Lamm, H., & Myers, D. G. (1976). Social Behavior and Personality, 4, 41-48.

Group-induced polarization in simulated juries. Myers, D. G., & Kaplan, M. F. (1976). Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2, 63-66.

Group discussion effects on conflict behavior and self-justification. (PDF) Myers, D. G., & Bach, P. J. (1976). Psychological Reports, 38, 135-140.

Discussion-induced attitude polarization. Myers, D. G. (1975). Human Relations, 28, 699-714.

The polarizing effect of group discussion. (PDF) Myers, D. G., & Lamm, H. (1975). American Scientist, 63, 297-303. (Reprinted in I. L. Janis, Ed., Current Trends in Psycholo­gy, William Kaufman, 1977.)

Discussion effects on militarism-pacifism: A test of the group polarization hypothesis. (PDF) Myers, D. G., & Bach, P. J. (1974). Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 30, 741-747.

Normative and informational effects of group interaction. (PDF) Myers, D. G., Bach, P. J., & Schreiber, B. V. (1974). Sociometry, 37, 275-286.

Informational influence in group discussion. (PDF) Bishop, G., & Myers, D. G. (1974). Organizational...

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Exploring Social Psychology, 6th Edition David G. Myers
Exploring Social Psychology, 6th Edition David G. Myers ...
Social Psychology 10th Edition David G. Myers Free Download
Social Psychology 10th Edition David G. Myers Free Download
Social Psychology David Myers PDF Download
Social Psychology David Myers PDF Download