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May 20, 2024
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Postgraduate psychology study is ideal for students who want to do psychology research, gain professional accreditation or become a clinical psychologist. Studying externally is convenient for graduates with work or family commitments. You can prepare yourself for roles such as the following.

Psychology Researcher

Psychology researchers look at areas such as: addiction, ageing, anxiety, autism, body image, childhood and adolescence, chronic illness, criminology, depression, disability, eating disorders, obesity, offender reintegration, policing, substance abuse, workplace well-being, and quality of life. There is no prescribed level of study required but advanced courses, such as a Masters degree, are highly advantageous.

Registered Psychologist

Registered psychologist can call themselves psychologists and work in many fields. You need to complete a 4-year psychology degree or a bachelor degree plus a 4th year specialising in psychology (which could be an honours year or a graduate diploma). This gives provisional qualification. To be registered, you also need to complete 2 years of supervised experience or a 2-year accredited postgraduate degree.

Clinical Psychology

To practise clinical psychology, you generally need to a complete a Masters degree or PhD in the subject. This involves significant clinical training, which cannot be done online. Clinical psychologists often work in public or private hospitals, mental health clinics, private practice or academic settings. Speciality areas include child mental health, adult mental health, learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, substance abuse, geriatrics and health psychology.

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Learning Online
Learning Online
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