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March 20, 2024
William James College

Bachelor of Science in PsychologyAre you looking to further your education and gain knowledge regarding foundational principles of psychology? Earning your will prepare you to achieve your goals and succeed in your career.

Liberty University Online’s B.S. in Psychology approaches the discipline of psychology from a Christian perspective, providing a firm foundation to help you understand psychological behavior and development. Liberty University’s online undergraduate psychology program will allow you to gain perspective into personality based on recent theories. It will also explore personality in relation to others through theories of group dynamics in business, industry, and public and private life.

These courses also offer the opportunity to gain insight into diverse theoretical approaches of psychotherapy and counseling through evaluation methods and techniques. Furthermore, an understanding of the functioning of the human body will assist in explaining some mechanisms of behavior. Examination of the origin, classification, and symptoms of neurotic and psychotic behavior will also be explored through course content.

The B.S. in Psychology is a goal to accomplish before pursuing a Master of Arts in Human Services, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Professional Counseling — all available through Liberty University Online.

2015-2016 Tuition

  • $375 per credit hour (based on full-time enrollment)

Credit Hours

  • 120 total hours
  • 30 hours must be taken through Liberty
  • 50% (18 hours) of major must be taken through Liberty
  • 30 hours of upper-level course are a required part of the 120 total hours

Potential Career Fields

This degree can prepare for non-clinical positions in the field of human service.

  • Administration
  • Advocacy
  • Case Management
  • Community Relations
  • Counseling
  • Mental Health Services
  • Programming


  • A three credit hour internship is a required part of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program.
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