Sam Houston State University Clinical Psychology

May 2, 2023
Clinical Psych

Consistent with the training model first introduced by the American Psychological Association at the Boulder Conference in 1949, our educational philosophy is to produce scientist/practitioners who possess expertise in both research and clinical practice. Our program and the associated career opportunities fit the needs of both students whose primary interest lies in psychological research and those who are primarily focused on a career in clinical practice.

Forensic emphasis: In addition to a broad and general clinical training, the program also trains students to become legally informed clinicians, with both knowledge and experience in providing forensic assessment and consultation to the legal system.

Multiple mentor program: Within the program, students are not limited to a single mentor, but are encouraged to interact and engage in research with a variety of faculty members. Students are accepted by the program and not by any single faculty member.

Our program affirms the principle that clinical psychologists should be trained to offer services to diverse populations. In pursuit of this goal, students entering our training program will be required to provide services to persons whose cultural backgrounds, beliefs, religious values, or lifestyles may be different from their own. Should unanticipated conflicts arise for any student, faculty are committed to working with the student to be certain cultural competence is achieved.

The Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Sam Houston State University is Accredited by the American Psychological Association.

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